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「マレーシア コールセンター」「海外 コールセンター」などで検索順位の上位を獲得しており、初めて海外でカスタマーサポートの仕事に就きたい方がサイトを訪問しています。






    For BPO company recruiters and recruitment agencies

    Sotoshigoto (https://sotoshigoto.com/) provides information about work style at call centres, job posting for call centres and life in Malaysia for Japanese. 

    We can introduce your company’s job posting through our website and our official LINE community.

    In addition to call centre job vacancies for native Japanese In Malaysia, we can also introduce vacancies for other countries and vacancies for those who currently work for BPO companies. Placement request for Cantonese and Mandarin speaker is also available. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you the materials on our quotes on posting and on successful recruits.

      *Unfortunately, we cannot introduce jobs for all companies. We will accept job posting only from companies that abide by local laws and compliances.